IQAir FlexVac™ Kit

Captures gases, fumes, vapors, odors and dust particles directly at their source.
Airborne pollution from gases, fumes and dust is a serious problem affecting the working environment in electronic, chemical, pharmaceutical, healthcare and other industries.
Direct source capture of these pollutants is by far the most effective way to reduce human exposure.

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The FlexVac™ kit converts any IQAir filtration unit into a mobile self-contained extraction system that allows you to capture gases, fumes, vapors, odors and dust particles directly at their source.
Exceptional Reach

The FlexVac kit features a self-supporting suction duct that gives the FlexVac a horizontal reach of up to 44 feet 5 inches and a vertical reach of up to 6 feet 4 inches.

Exceptional Maneuverability

The mobility of the FlexVac kit is ensured by six casters. The 5″ diameter suction duct can be bent, twisted and turned into virtually any position and will remain in place until repositioned.

Exceptional Stability

The FlexVac suction duct is made of interlocked polypropylene plastic. This makes the duct stiff enough to be self-supporting and flexible enough to allow for convenient positioning.

Exceptional Suction Power

The FlexVac kit has exceptional direct source capture power for a system of its size and reach. At a typical air flow of 150 cfm the air velocity in the suction duct is approx. 17 ft/s or 12 mph.

Exceptional Durability

All FlexVac components are designed for outstanding durability. The suction duct is made of shatterproof and chemically resistant poly-propylene. It has flame retardant characteristics, resists abrasion and withstands temperatures from −13 to 180°F. The support column and base platform are made of powder coated steel.

Ease of Use

Due to its self-contained design the IQAir extraction system requires no venting or ducting to the outside. This makes the system completely mobile, saves energy and expensive building conversion work. Assembly of the FlexVac kit takes just a few minutes and all required tools are supplied.

Easy Maintenance

Dust deposits inside the suction duct and the internal ducting are minimal since there are no internal support structures. The FlexVac kit is easily dismantled for cleaning.

IQAir Compatibility

Compatible with all IQAir filtration devices. Not compatible with the accessories PF40, VMF, VM FlexVac™, VM InFlow™ and FlexVac™.


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