Aqua-Pure® Replacement Cartridge AP431

Replacement cartridge for use with Aqua-Pure® AP430SS Scale Inhibition System.

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Replacement cartridge for AP430SS Scale Inhibition System.
Polyphosphates sequester or bind calcium and magnesium hardness minerals, preventing them from precipitating out of solution and building up on metallic surfaces. Polyphosphates also form a thin protective layer on the pipe wall or metallic surface which helps to eliminate hardness build-up and corrosion.


Helps protect piping system from corrosion
Easy to install and change-out cartridge
Inhibits scale build-up in hot water heaters (both with and w/o tanks) & water using appliances
Maintains efficiency and helps extends the life of hot water systems
Manufactured from FDA CFR-21
Suitable for drinking and cooking water and all food application.


Benefits: Scale Reduction
Flow Rate: 10 gpm
Flow Rate (metric): 37.9 Liter per Minute
Industries: Home
Micron Rating: 5
Pressure Range: 25 – 125 psi
Pressure Range (metric): 172 – 862 kPa
Reduction Claims: Scale
Replacement Interval: 6 Month
Temperature Range (Celsius): 4.4 – 37.8°C
Temperature Range (Fahrenheit): 40 – 100°F


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