06 May

Lead content still a problem in Brandon’s drinking water, tests show

Test Results
Steve Saul`s test results were mailed to him with no context about the significance of the lead concentration. (Lyzaville Sale/CBC News)

More than three years after provincial regulators flagged high lead concentrations in Brandon’s drinking water, city officials in Manitoba’s second-largest city have yet to change their treatment process to reduce lead exposure for its residents, a CBC I-Team investigation has found.

A Brandon resident who recently drove through Flint, Michigan — currently in the throes of an unprecedented lead-related health crisis in the U.S. — was inspired to get his own tap water tested through Brandon’s sampling program when he arrived home from his trip.

“My results showed they were three times the Canadian drinking water guideline for lead content,” said Steve Saul.

According to Health Canada, lead concentrations should not exceed 10 parts per billion for drinking water; above that level consumption can lead to adverse health effects, such as developmental problems in children.

– Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/investigation-finds-inaction-on-persistent-lead-problem-1.3567038
By Jacques Marcoux, CBC News

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