14 Sep

Showerheads may harbour dangerous bacteria

A new study finds some showerheads have a dirty side and can deliver potentially dangerous bacteria along with the hot water meant to scrub you clean.
The surprising new study from the University of Colorado at Boulder finds that showerheads, particularly plastic ones, provide a dark, wet, and warm environment for bacteria to not just live but to grow.
Those potentially harmful microbes get sprayed out of the showerhead as an aerosol that people can inhale into their lungs, where it can lead to lung disease in some people.
The research team led by molecular biologist Prof. Norman Pace made their findings after analyzing more than four dozen showerheads in nine cities across the U.S.
They found a slimy “biofilm” inside many of the showerheads that harboured the DNA of a bacterium called Mycobacterium avium, or MBA for short.
“We found about 30 per cent of the showerheads had significant loads of MBA cells imbedded in film inside the showerhead, in the interior surfaces. So when you turn on the shower, some of them wash out,” Pace explained to CTV News
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